Design and Illustration

Hi! I am Joren Eulalee, a designer and illustrator working in the vancouver area. My work ranges from technical to whimsical:
When working in Communication Design I create branded pieces that address my clients specific needs and speaks to their market. My Leather Work tends to be intimate pieces commissioned for that special audience of one. Regardless of the medium, I bring curiosity and craft to every project I undertake.

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Shoots & Roots Bitters

Shoots & Roots Bitters is a team of three female scientists that promote biodiversity through research, teaching, and the creation of science-based botanical blends that draw from ecology, cultural practices, and flavours around the world. I have worked with them illustrating plants, doing package design and creating a look book for their brand.

Jan & Jul

Jan & Jul is a Vancouver based children's clothing company committed to helping kids get outside and play no matter the weather. Their collections of outdoor gear have everything kids need for outdoor adventures in sun, rain or snow!

Pacbrake Catalogues

Pacbrake's product catalogues are a complete guide to their products, parts, application guides, datasheets, warranties and more.
I designed the layout for these catalogues as well as doing product photography, technical drawings and more. Pacbrake has four product lines each with its own sub-branding that is applied to each catalogue.

Eulalee Leather

Eulalee Leather is my line of leather work which is influenced by the Arts & Craft movement, botanical and zoological drawings from early Victorian catalogues and Medieval bestiaries.

Photo credit: Pete Thorne

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